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Health Within Family Chiropractic
Cranbrook, BC

Live Life to Your Fullest!


At Health Within, we are here to serve the community through chiropractic care. It is our pleasure to welcome pregnant women, infants, and the whole family!

We do not treat diseases, conditions or illnesses; instead, we help people regain health and balance through a variety of holistic approaches and their body decides, with its Innate Intelligence, what needs to be done and what can still be done. Hence, we work in harmony with our inner wisdom. Your body is a living, energetic expression of who you are and health spreads over your whole body. However, this process implies that you take back control of your life and health, and that you accept to invest yourself in assisting "Dr You". We are here to help through education and support.


Our mission is that as many people possible be allowed to enjoy their full potential of life. Everyone benefits from chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy, reflexology, acupuncture, and detoxification.


Our goal is also to educate as many people as possible not only to help them make better health choices but also to respect the environment and all other forms of life surrounding us. We offer lifestyle options that contribute to your well-being. A few examples are improving your posture, suggestions for exercises, body movement, and awareness of chemical toxicities.

"Medicine is the study of disease and what causes a man to die.

Chiropractic is the study of health and wellness, and what causes a man to live an optimal life."

  B.J. Palmer, D.C.  



Assessment children under 18

Assessment seniors 65+


Adjustment children under 18

Adjustment seniors over 65

Reassessment (mandatory if more than a year since last adjustment)








no GST


CryoBlaze  5 x 10

CryoBlaze  10 x 12

Cervical Traction

Foam Roller High Density

Posture Medic    

Togu Fascia Ball small

Togu Fascia Ball large

Adjustable Heel Lift

Back On Track

Water Memory Pillow

Fitter Cobblestone Mat

Fitter Active Office Board

Japanese Mint Oil Roller

Japanese Mint Oil 30 mL

$ 6














no GST



Adjustment with Cupping


$ 70

no GST



Late cancellation fee (less than 24 hours) - $10


No-show fee - $25


We accept the following forms of payment: cash, debit, cheque, or credit card


Please feel free to discuss any particular circumstances that may affect your financial status and could affect your care.


We provide direct billing for ICBC, MSP, Pacific Blue Cross, Canada Life, SunLife, Manulife, GreenShield, GroupSource, Claim Secure, Empire Life, GroupHealth, Chamber of Commerce, Cinup, RWAM, RCMP, and veterans.


209 - 14 Avenue North


PO Box 286

Wasa, BC, V0B2K0

Tel: 250.427.6315


Hours by appointment only

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